Filter a table based on extra dimensions not present in the module

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Anaplan page building would be greatly benefited by the ability to set a filter on a module based on a line item that has additional dimensions - those dimensions would then be added to the page selector area, and the filtered table would respond to changes in page selection.

For example, if I had data dimensioned by SKU and I wanted to be able to quickly display only SKUs that appeared in a certain Geo, that could only be achieved if either:
- the SKU list rolled up to the Geo list via parent hierarchy or
- all necessary data was pulled into a reporting module dimensioned by both SKU and Geo

In many situations the first is not possible, like if a single SKU could exist in multiple Geos.

The second is a valid workaround, but requires daisy chaining which is inefficient and either multiplies the original data size over the new dimension redundantly or requires subsidiary views which add complexity.

If this feature were introduced, I could simply display the original SKU dimensioned data table, set the filter to the SKU / Geo dimensioned line, and the Geo page selector would appear on the page - changing the page selector would sync to the SKU table and cause the relevant SKUs to appear.

This feature currently somewhat exists but is limited only to the User dimension - if I have a module dimensioned only by Product, I can filter that module based on a line item dimensioned by Product and User. It defaults the User dimension page to current user.

Additionally, enabling "Hierarchy filter" on a table causes the parent list to appear as a page selector, so there is precedent for filtering options causing page selectors to appear.

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