How to get Export output in json format?


Hi all,

I am running a download API in logic app to get a list of my exports, i am able to get the result, but its in octet-stream format while i want the data to be in JSON format so that i can create a blob file with it.

Any ideas how i can achieve this, also the Apiary links says that my result will be in JSON format but its giving me an octet-stream, should i be doing something differently or any other thing i need add in the header that's not there?




  • Hi,

    What is value of your content-type header in your https call? How does the response with octet-stream looking like?

  • The header for my request is Application-json, the output values looks like this,

    {  "$content-type": "application/octet-stream",  "$content": "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"}