Best practice for building a P&L with custom summary levels?


What is best practice for building out a P&L? The P&L applies to an existing list L2 GL accounts however, there are additional summary levels (ex. total travel) and calculations (gross margin, net income) that dont exist in the L2 GL account list but are required for the P&L report. See picture for example of summaries.

To enable this, we have built a LIS by recreating each GL account and summary level as line items. In another module, we have mapped each line item to its respective GL account. However, this method involves maintinence when a new GL account is added to anaplan. Also, a LIS might not be needed because couldnt we just use these GL line items as the P&L report?

How do I build out this P&L? Do I create a new list for the P&L roll ups, create the accounts using line items, etc. I am open to any options or approaches.

Please advise. Thank you.


  • Hi @ModelBuilder1 As I can see you have choose a correct approach by using LISS so, in another module you can use the Liss and other as line item and use collect function to get the data of Liss and for other line item you can refer from another module.