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We have been getting an increasing number of requests to implement a speedometer chart on Anaplan, but due to it being unavailable, reporting on Anaplan is losing some traction, with reports being created on Power BI instead.
I hope this chart can be included in Anaplan in the future as it has a few key benefits.

  1. Instant Clarity: Dial gauges can communicate the status of a key metric immediately. Just a quick glance is enough to know whether the KPI is within the acceptable range, close to a target, or requires attention.
  2. Simplicity: By focusing on a single metric, dial gauge charts cut through the clutter and deliver a clear message, making them an excellent choice for executive dashboards where decision-makers want instant insights.
  3. Visual Appeal: The visual design of a gauge chart can be very engaging and adds a modern, professional look to a dashboard. Its analog-style representation can be more appealing than plain numbers.
  4. Comparative Context: A gauge chart not only shows the current value but also provides a context (like "poor", "average", "good", "excellent"). This helps to understand the relative performance of the KPI against benchmarks or targets.
  5. Flexibility: Gauges can be used to represent a wide variety of KPIs, from financial metrics to operational or manufacturing indicators. They're versatile and can fit into many different scenarios.
  6. Encourages Action: By making it visually evident when a metric is out of its desired range, gauge charts can motivate action. If a KPI is in the "red zone", it prompts a need for intervention.
  7. Customizable Ranges: The zones in a gauge (often color-coded as green, yellow, and red) can be customized based on business needs. This allows organizations to set their own benchmarks or targets and visualize performance against them.

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  • One way I have tried to "hack" this is by creating a donut chart, segmented into sections (which you could populate via formulae). The annoying thing is the the white border around series in the chart means it looks messy. If the UX had the option to remove the white borders, then it would look good. It would be nice to be able to disable or be able to recolour the borders.

    Also, if we could do a combination chart that allowed to choose Pie or Donut by series, we could make the "pin" on the dial a Pie and it would go all the way to the centre of the circle.

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