Assign action in NUX – the ability to review already assigned elements only


Context menu of Assign action in Classic UX allows users to see all the list elements already assigned to the selected parent element in one place - the right panel (Screenshot 1). This view is very convenient for many users.

At the same time, in the Assign action menu in NUX already assigned elements are displayed together with all other elements, and there is no option to hide unassigned elements (Screenshot 2). For example, your assigned element can be the last item in a large product hierarchy and you may not notice that it is already assigned before the action is finished. It would be great if a possibility to see only assigned elements is added to the context menu.

As an option, this feature can be implemented as a special filter button which hides all unassigned elements (Screenshot 3). Or an extra tab containing only assigned elements can be added to the Assign action menu as a second step of action before finalizing (Screenshot 4).

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  • A must-have feature! Fully support it!

  • Would a workaround like the below meet the requirement? In this example, I've set up a list filter for the Assign action that allows showing items that have not been assigned to anything.

  • @ryan_kohn, Thank you for the suggested workaround! In some cases it can be really helpful.

    Unfortunately, it’s not applicable for our case. We wanted to make it possible to see the list elements already assigned to the selected parent element. At the same time, your method only allows to see elements assigned to any parent items (or not assigned at all).


    In our case, any child items (Employees assigned as Sales Reps to Countries) can be assigned to an unlimited number of parent items (Countries). And vice versa, an unlimited number of child items can be assigned to one parent item.

    In this case, as an end user, BEFORE I finish the assigned action activity and see new items on the dashboard I want to be able to see ALL child items that will be assigned to the selected parent after I run the Assign action (ALL - including both: newly assigned during my current work with action and those that I assigned previous time I used the action)

    Example (see screenshots 1 & 2): I assigned Steve, David and Lucy as Sales Reps to the US some time ago. And now I also need to assign John to the US. I start the Assign action and select John. As an end user, I want to have a whole separate list of Sales Reps that will be assigned to the US after I finish running the Assign action – it should consist of Steve, David, Lucy and John.

    The ‘Current Status’ column in the NUX context menu of the Assign action cannot fully satisfy the described request. If the list consists of a large number of items it would be quite inconvenient to scroll down to see all the assigned items, and there is no option to filter only items having ‘Assigned’ in the ‘Current Status’ column (see screenshots 2, 3, 4).

  • This functionality is very needed, hope it will be implemented very soon!

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