Talent Builder Independent Page Builder Role


I would like to ask if Talent Builder Independent members are allowed to have Page Builder Role and Access to creating apps? I am now at Level 2 Model Building Sprint 2 and I cannot create an app on my workspace, only creating pages via My Pages. I am assuming that we do not have Page Builder Roles. Is this intentional or do can we request for Page Builder Roles? Thank you.

Best Answer

  • Tiffany.Rice

    @marionnevcq - sounds like you are making splendid progress on your learning journey, congrats!

    I'm not personally able to speak to what privileges you should/should not have within the Talent Builder program. However, I can tell you that with my company (Anaplan customer) when we train our cohorts we specify usage of "My Pages". The core functionality works in the same way, the My Pages option is just preferred until someone has completed their training and has a business need to distribute an App.

    To confirm the intent for Talent Builder, you might reach out to: academy@anaplan.com