Splunk Course Recommendations for Anaplan Intelligence Integration


Hi Anaplan Community,

I'm looking for a Splunk course to better integrate it with Anaplan. Any recommendations? Specifically, I need insights on courses covering Splunk fundamentals, advanced search/reporting, Splunk Enterprise Security, and Anaplan integration tips.



  • I don't think you are approaching this in the right way. As far as I know, Splunk has no direct connector to Anaplan.

    So, if you want to integrate data from Splunk to Anaplan, you need to do it through one (or several) of the existing integration options available in Anaplan irrespectively of the data source:

    1. UX (manual flat file data load) - no automation
    2. Anaplan Connect (flat file / JCDB) - runs on premises
    3. Cloudworks - (flat file) - runs on the cloud
    4. IPaaS - all kind of sources, third party solutions such: Informatica (Anaplan Hyperconnect), MuleSoft, Boomi, SnapLogic, OneCloud
    5. bespoke API - developed from scratch
    6. Direct connectos: anaplan features some direct connectors to PowerBI and Salesforce

    Have a look at the options available in more detail: https://help.anaplan.com/anaplan-data-integration-tools-d583c819-d1f1-4d8a-9446-0015cac5ea2d

    If you want to pull data directly from Splunk (as opposed to exporting it in flat files and then loading it to Anaplan) then you need to relay on IPaaS/ Api.