DCA without user list but with roles-list mapped to users instead


Hi Anaplan Community,

I have a module "Module 1" which currently has one dimension: the product list. The module is used to apply an approval flow for cost updates to the product. Depending on if the user has been setup as requester or approver in another module (user list with boolean line items), the DCA on the line items regulates if the user can or cannot edit some fields of the approval flow.

The User Access driver line items are defined in a separate module which has the product list and the Users list as a dimension.

So far everything is working fine in DEV, although I am conscious of how much space the setup of the User Access module will consume in the PROD environment. The product list will be much longer and will be multiplied by a longer user list as well. Therefore, I would like to find an alternative solution to having the user list part of the dimension, as, strictly speaking, the rules for which products which line items should or should not be editable for some users, is not defined by the user itself but by the role mapped to that the user. However, I am not sure how to set this up.

Currently, I have a module with the users list as only dimension and boolean line items defining with TRUE or FALSE if a user is allowed to update requester input fields, approver input fields,… Depending on the TRUE/FALSE, I map the user to an item from a self-created roles-list: requester, approver, final controller. So in this module, I map a user to an item of the roles list.

I was thinking to use that mapping of users to role, so that I could change the dimension of my access driver module from "product x Users" to "product x roles". With only 3 roles vs 50+ users, this would save a lot of space. Currently this is only working if I also add that roles list to my initial Product approval flow module. Without adding the roles list, DCA is not working in my product approval. With this setup I would have 1 access driver module with dimensions "product x roles" and my final product approval flow module with "product x roles" and DCA on line items referring my access driver module. So 2x (product x roles) instead of product x users + product, which is already a space saving. But I was hoping that Anaplan's DCA would be smart enough so that I could omit the roles list as a dimension in my product approval flow module and that there would be a way to tell Anaplan to look at the role mapped to the user to apply the DCA correctly.

Is there some way to achieve this?

Thanks for any valuable inputs!