can we have a multi select filter as a page selector in Anaplan?


similar to what we have in excel filtering…can we use page selectors to select multiple boolean formatted line items. Snapshot attached

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  • AkhilEmmanual

    Hi @salil.nirula ,

    If Segment and Industry are lists and they are used as dimensions in the modules where you want to filter then you can create separate system modules one for segment and other for industry. In that system modules add a boolean line item and publish that in Pages. This boolean line item you can apply as a filter in module where you want to filter

    I hope this will solve your issue.




  • @salil.nirula

    You can do that, but you will have to dimensionalize the selection criteria and the results by the Users dimennsion or a "Customized/Fake" users dimension in order to render the correct results for each user.