Ensure community members are fully on top of new enhancements (improving comms and alerts)

As a community member I like/need to be on top of any new enhancements that are made available.

Most recently it seems the strategy, alerting, comms has changed and it's more complicated to be on top of new enhancements, plan, test and deploy them as quickly as we would love to.

Could we improve the comms by creating a very easy to follow process where any community member, if interested, could be notified and kept in the loop accordingly ?

I will know this idea has been delivered when I will be notified right away or, even better, with some notice on any enhancement that become available.

I think this would be extremely beneficial to everyone and shouldn't be too complex to achieve.

PS I already followed the instructions on this link, keep my profile up to date, attend partner roadmap webinars and consult the relevant sections but lately it seems this isn't enough (platform updates and product news&releases)


Alessio Pagliano

CC @EricS

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  • Agree. There are occasionally feature/functionality changes that are not communicated via platform updates and it is difficult to confirm new behavior. Consolidation and comprehensiveness of platform updates would be much appreciated!

  • Also agreed, a recent example of this would be that Tenant Admins can now rename workspaces without going through Anaplan support. There's constantly small changes like that that will get documentation updated in Anapedia but are reflected nowhere in the release notes / platform updates

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