Can't submit another request


A user that has workspace admin access submitted a few requests and then Anaplan no longer allowed them to submit another request. This user still has full access as a workspace admin and no DCA has been activated for them. Any suggestions?

Best Answer

  • Tiffany.Rice

    Unfortunately without an error message, its challenging to troubleshoot without access to the model to better understand the setup. Below are some points to consider:

    • Are you able to recreate the error? Try creating from the backend rather than the front end to see the import action results. Mirror that users access to your own and run the process/actions, things being "ignored" can be an indicator of an access issue.
    • Is selective access enabled? If user does not have write access to the parent of the list item being created that could prevent creation of the list item. The process will still show "successful" run on the UX page but no list items/module data will be created because the user does not have the correct access to do so.
    • Is there any logic within the module saved view that may prevents a list item from being created if certain conditions aren't met?


  • Hey @empressjewel! Can you share the error message that is being received when the action is run? Typically there is a failure log available that can give some hints as to the cause.

  • Hi @Tiffany.Rice! That's what is so weird there was no error log that populated. They made their last request is it went through successfully, then they couldn't make anymore.