Stop system from processing changes.

We need the ability to stop this. This has gotten out of hand recently. It is impossible to work with this. I make one simple mistake and I have to wait 20 minutes…. This is unacceptable and makes working Anaplan impossible. This needs to be fixed asap. Top priority.

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  • I believe there was an request to be able to activate or deactivate auto calculation on line items.

  • @david.savarin do you know when this will be available to use?

  • @Olek P I feel your pain. We currently have a model that has a 30 minute wait time.

  • I dont have unfortunately any insights into anaplan product roadmap regarding this... but it would definitely increase usability.

  • Hi @Olek P, do we have any solution for this now

  • @Shivani

    I asked at the monthly meetings and they said they weren't going that route. They said they preferred the route of catching the mistake before you hit enter in the formula box. But I don't like that, I don't think it prevent our issues.

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