Changing the font color option for conditional formatting.


I work on a finance team and our organization has just implemented Anaplan. Some early feedback we received from our leadership is if we could turn negative values red. Our standard practice is to turn the text of negative values red. The red text allows you to quickly identify areas of concern. Not being able to change the font color is an issue that is affecting leadership acceptance of the UX pages created.

The current conditional formatting options (Background, Border, and Morse) do not have the same visual effect as red text.

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  • Andrew_Paston
    edited January 22

    Fully support this. this is a standard formatting option for many companies so surprises me this is not available even via Management reporting.

  • In the process of mobilising the platform and this has come up in every session we show people…. the in house project members were actually quite shocked it wasn't default as just such common practice.

  • Fully support this as well

  • Totally agree

  • I do really support this idea, i thinks this feature should be priority 1 for the support team, i believe this is something that all companies uses in excel or ppt presentations

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