Tenant access and user model access


I wish Anaplan had an export feature for users at admin level eg enabled users at tenant level, just like an export feature for model level users.

A problem I see is both don't synchronise. eg a user can be disabled at tenant level but still show as access at model level

A suggestion - have a tenant enabled/ disabled field for users at model level, that synchs with users at admin level; so this tells about disabled users at model level.

Question for licensing I assume model access is ignored at license level is a user is disabled at tenant level via administration?



  • Hi @ravinderQuilter

    Sadly Anaplan does not have the export feature on Tenant Administration section.

    What I have observed is that if a user is disabled in Tenant, they won't be able to login into Anaplan.

    To Answer you question. Most likely 'Yes', if a user is disabled in Tenant, then you shouldn't be charged for their license. But I would recommend you to contact Anaplan support to get the required Terms and Conditions on licensing. As they are the one's with the final authority.



  • thank you