How to turn on file upload toggle on classic dashboard or NUX.


I have created and import action of users through CSV file but unable to find same toggle in classic dashboard action to upload a new file and run action again to update my user list.


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  • Vamsi_Kaki

    Hello @Arijitkatiyar , please follow the approach mentioned in my last comment. When you build as per mentioned then publish the process on Dashboard/UX page. So, you can update Users using the process from Frontend.

    Process will contain 3 actions

    • Action to create Custom users list
    • Action to import data into Module dimensioned by Custom Users
    • Action to import data from Saved view to Users




  • @Arijitkatiyar

    When I published the Process to the dashboard, it prompted me

    Are you not seeing the same thing?

  • Yes, I am not able to see this option of choosing file.

  • what do you see?

  • In the above screen snap, directly process runs without asking to attach new file.

  • What is your model role? Full Access or other?

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    if you published as a process, it would show you the file option to select.

    what do you mean by same toggle?

    And also check the access permissions also.

  • Workspace admin with full access.

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    4.1 action what you created, is it a csv upload only?
    if yes, it should ask for new file to attach.


  • @Arijitkatiyar

    Is your model in Deployed Mode? If so, go back to Dev and click the Production Data Boolea in Import Data Sources, the do a sync to Prod.

  • Vamsi_Kaki
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    Hello @rob_marshall ,

    I too replicated the same by creating an import action using csv file (to load data to Users) and then added it to a process and published it onto Dashboard. When I try to run the process, I see the below dialog box

    I have tried this in dev model.

    But, when I tried to import data into a list using an process published on dashboard, I received the prompt to upload new file. Please suggest

  • @Vamsi Kaki

    Not sure what to tell you other than the above. These are the steps I did this morning:

    • I am a WSA with Full Access
    • the model is in Standard Mode
    • Uploaded a CSV file
    • Created an action to import the data into a list
    • Created a Process named Test Process
    • Published the process to a dashboard
    • Also published the action, which had the same result
    • Saved the dashboard
    • Ran the process
    • Ran the action

  • Hello @rob_marshall , Thanks. But, I also followed the same steps.

    I have updated my previous comment with one more result. Please find that.

  • @Vamsi Kaki @Arijitkatiyar

    Yes, I can confirm it does not work for Users, being able to change the file dynamically. For importing users, the file has to be a fixed name.

  • @rob_marshall In that case, I tried an approach to add new users.

    1. Update your csv file by including new data
    2. Make sure the file name remains same
    3. Update IDS with the updated csv file
    4. Now, run the process to create new Users.

    I tried and obtained the following result. @Arijitkatiyar Hope this helps

  • Hello @Arijitkatiyar , if you feel above approach is not suitable then I have another approach.

    1. Create a list (Custom Users) by mapping Mail ID to Name and Code
    2. Next, Create a module with Custom Users list as a dimension
    3. Create line items similar to columns in your csv file
    4. Then, create a saved view with required line items.
    5. Now, import the data from saved view to Users.
    6. Include these 2 import actions in a process and publish onto dashboard.
    7. This approach will allow you to update/insert new users.

    [You can apply filter on the saved view to populate new users only].

    Hope this approach resolve your issue. Thanks

  • @Vamsi_Kaki, yes this works but this will be done at backend, what I wanted was from frontend.