Conditional Formatting on hierarchy levels


It would be a great feature to set up conditional formatting:
1. Either, even if summary method is turned to None;
2. Or based on the existence of one (or more) hierarchy levels

Sometimes, users want aggregated levels of a hierarchy to be highlighted on a UX grid.
You can set up a conditional formatting using some line items returning specific values depending on the level of the hierarchy (ex: 1 for level 1, 2 for level 2…). But this conditional formatting only works if summary method is turned on for the line items you want to format.

You can see an example below, where I applied a line item formatted by the dimension Accounting Nature (in row). The last line item, Comment, also has a conditional formatting, but we cannot see it because it is a Text line item with summary method turned off:

When I turn Comment summary method to "last non blank", conditional formatting appears, but I need to set up an additional DCA to prevent users from seeing aggregations of Text on top levels (since it doesn't mean anything):

Problem is that I increase the size of my model by activating useless summaries + creating a DCA line item.

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