NUX Show/Hide Function Enhance


In NUX, Show/Hide (Eyeball icon) Function controls line item, time or other dimension items to show or hide.

When working on multi card dashboard, it is tedious to filter cards one by one.

Can Anaplan provides centralized Show/Hide feature based on the line items available on the dashboard? So user can filter easily

Alternative suggestion is to have a favorite feature attached with Show/Hide, so user can quickly refer to their favorite setting without picking lines.

Below is an example of multi card sharing the same line item name.

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  • Hello !
    Line item Subset, can't it help you do what you want?
    (If they are digital line items)

  • LISS is what we are currently using as workaround for this. However, LISS has many downside, such as the line can only format as Number.

    The filter also has large negative performance impact on the model whenever filter selection is made.

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