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I've some words I found in a previous post, but I'd like a fresh eyes answer, as I'm interpreting the words one way and then another way - and both interpretations seem sensible to me.

I'd appreciate knowing….

a) Have we been allocated a certain workspace size, for example 80Gb, that we then fill up with models, or

b) Can we create models up to 130Gb, but the size at any point in time is the sum of all models and hubs in a workspace".

The words I found are:

"Workspaces are a combination of a single or multiple models. Workspace size is the total of all models in a workspace, excluding archived models as archived models do NOT count towards workspace size." and

"The maximum amount of workspace that can be allocated for standard workspaces is 130GB".



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  • TristanS
    edited October 2023

    @ChrisG532 Not to confuse you but model size limits depends on the type of model you have

    • Classic model (which is what you most likely have) ⇒ Maximum it can grow is 130Gb
    • Hypermodel ⇒ Maximum it can grow is 720Gb
    • Polaris ⇒ No limit (someone advise if this is incorrect)

    With your 80 Gb Workspace, it can have as many models in it as long as the sum of the size of all the models in it do not exceed 80 Gb. So you can have 1 80 Gb model in that workspace. OR two 40 Gb models. OR eight 10 Gb models.

  • @ChrisG532 thanks for your advice. I will choose one 80 Gb model in my workspace.