Excel Add-In - Option to Switch to design view


Please could you create a new button/feature in the Excel Add in to allow switching to design view.

Excel is a great tool for presenting and autosizing column widths and for working on Module layouts and for sorting and filtering relevant columns and rows during a module build.

When I do a rebuild a module. I often need to go to design view and see the "referenced by" column. I cut and paste the "referenced by" column into Excel. text to columns all the referenced modules and sort and filter to work with relevent referenced modules.

If we could go to design view in The Excel Add in. It would make this so much easier and efficient as well as dynamic. i.e. I make a change to the module,. Refresh! and the changed module is reflected in the spreadsheet.

In summary. Please allow a feature to switch to design view in the Excel Add-In

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