Developers need visibility when view is used in actions or UX pages


For the developers, it is nearly impossible to be sure that by editing a view or line item in a view it will not break any actions.

It would be good to have a warning message when a view or line item is used in an action.

It would be also great to have quickly accessible info on what views are used in actions and UX pages so that when one wants to delete a view it would not break any actions or reports in Apps.

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  • @Viktorija few great points over there, it would make our lives way easier

    However, regarding using views in UX Pages, have you checked Pages functionality in Anaplan?

    It allows the developer to see what Modules and Views are used per every single UX Page.

  • @kpasko Many thanks for the tip! In our case, we have more than 100 UX pages and the page functionality provides just the links to those UX pages so one needs to go through all UX pages and open the tables from the design view to see what view and model is used to be 100% sure before deleting a view or a model. Some table like this with extra columns about what views and models are used in the UX page would have been very handy :)

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