Automatic sort on Individual Waterfalls based on Context selector


A user has requested that waterfalls charts have the ability to sort non-total waterfalls in either ascending or descending order.

Image 1: Standard waterfall from card, with no adjustments.

Currently, to order waterfall charts, the line items in the custom view need to be reordered manually by the user. This can be problematic if the order is different across multiple list items

Image 2: Waterfall chart after manual re-ordering.

Image 3: Same module with same adjusted order, but with a different list item.

This would be an incredibly useful feature as it would allow users to create waterfalls on reporting pages and have the line items change order based on the context selector.

Image 4: Desired result with new feature.

Image 5: Example of how selector would look in Chart section of a waterfall card.


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  • Whilst aware this is possible through the 'sort' tool in the custom view, it becomes an issue if our PY budget (which acts as a summary), is a lesser value than one of the other line items.

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