Dimension Help for Equity Waterfall

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I am new to Anaplan and am currently doing a project for fun. I am trying to recreate a equity waterfall that is commonly used in Private Equity. I am currently stuck on an issue on setting up dimensions that will be used for the waterfall calculation. Attached are screen shots of what I am trying to recreate in Anaplan. In the photos the blue value is editable data while the black has formulas.

If anyone has ideas to tackle this issue or information on how to go about this, I would greatly appreciate.

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  • umangsinghal

    You can create 2 lists for Hurdle and Equity. Column headers in the screenshots will be added as lineitems. This is how you can use the dimensions in your modules.


  • gaurav_sharma-bng

    Hi @S-Blaeser ,

    I am not sure of the exact use case you are tying to build, but there could be a couple of ways to solve this. I have given details for one of them -

    1. Using lists for Equity Type (GP, LP) and Hurdles (Preferred, 2, 3)
    2. Another method (less preferred due to performance) is to use versions, as I can see LP is always (1-GP) and you could add formula in Version Tab to calculate LP =1-GP. But there are many nuances to check, before I could suggest if this is the recommended approach

    Details of Approach 1 -

    1. Create 2 lists

    2. Create input module to take Equity value and % share (no dimensions for this)

    3. Create a System lookup module

    4. Create 1st calculation module (dimensioned with Equity Type) to calculate the first screenshot

    5. Now to perform Hurdle level calculations, create another input module for GP%

    6. Create calculation module to derive the final result