Plan IQ - forecast action failed

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I'm attempting to run Plan IQ, but the forecast action status is set to fail, with the following description:

1 Line Item identifier(s) ("item_id,timestamp,P1,P2,P3,PlanIQ_Trend_Quarterly,PlanIQ_Trend_Yearly,PlanIQ_Seasonality_Weekly,PlanIQ_Seasonality_Bi_weekly,PlanIQ_Seasonality_Monthly,PlanIQ_Seasonality_Quarterly,PlanIQ_Seasonality_Yearly,forecast_action") were not mapped and ignored

That leads me to believe that there is an issue with the forecast results module's setup import.
I've carefully confirmed the instructions from the Plan IQ page, and I believe I'm mapping everything correctly. Could someone please help me understand the priblem?


  • Hi @versilva

    Could you please share the pictures of imports and exports setup which you have done for PlanIQ to process.


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  • @versilva I suspect that the forecast action had some unmapped line items in the mapping. I would like more details and screenshots to be confirmed.

  • Thanks for the information!