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Hi All,

I am trying build optimizer for assignment of products into lines. Below is the scenario:
1) calculated the capacity of each line ( Dimension by Factory Lines)
2) Created Production plan for each SKU ( Dimensioned by SKU)

3) Then Have a mapping module between Factory lines and production which helps to decided which product is produced for which line

So , I want to create optimizer which helps me to do assignment of products according to factory line mapping.

Can anyone have idea how to achieve this by using optimizer?

Thanks in Advance


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  • pyrypeura
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    Hi Ashutosh,

    For me it sounds like that you should be building optimizer in an module by factory, product and week. Your target would be to maximise production amount with following constraints:

    • Production < = Production Need
    • Production < = Capacity

  • Ashutosh
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    Hi @pyrypeura
    Thank you for response.
    Yes , Already did the same and optimizer is working as expected.