Not able to Insert multiple Items on a worksheet


Hello fellow Anaplaners,

I have set up a worksheet (tenancy schedule). I have no issues with right clicking and inserting multiple items. But for my client, the option is greyed out. He is not able to insert List Items.

What I have checked so far:

-Numbered List: Production Data checked

-Editing on worksheet is enabled

-access in the page settings is not restricted (all roles have access)

-The client has the same permissions as myself: Workspace Admin and Full Access (currently there is just one dev-workspace for the model so it isn't possible that he was/is in the wrong workspace (test-workspace for instance)

Could there be any other reasons that cause this?

"Insert multiple" items is greyed out and not selectable


  • @Karl27 Is Selective Access switched on for the dimensions against the module the worksheet is associated to? If yes, ensure that the user has the same Selective access permissions as yourself

  • @TristanS Selective Acess is switched off. But thanks for the cue, appreciate it.

  • Do you have different DCA with the Client?

    Or could it be the client didn't not navigate correctly on the weeksheet?