A conversation with Avnish Goel — Journey | Anaplan Community Podcast


Join Dennis Lemoine, Sr. Program Manager of Community Events, for our eighth episode of Journey, an Anaplan Community podcast. This month we bring you Avnish Goel (@AvnishGoel), Certified Master Anaplanner at ScriptStory in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Avnish is passionate about hands-on thought leadership in implementing BI and EPM solutions spanning multiple technologies, and is an expert in architecting and building Anaplan models across diverse business use cases — FP&A, demand planning, CAPEX planning, revenue planning, portfolio and project management, supply chain solutions, and sales incentives and compensation.

While at our June ACE event in San Diego, Dennis sat down with Avnish to talk about how his Anaplan journey started, lessons he learned along the way, his vision for the future, and more.

“People are actually giving [in the Anaplan Community]. Whatever people learn, they take it and then make sure that the learning is imparted to other people so that other people can learn from it.” – Avnish Goel

Tune in and let us know what people and topics you would like to see in future episodes.

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