Import action failed while running through Cloudworks

edited November 2023 in Modeling

According to the given screenshot, error thrown by Cloudworks is - "Hierarchy import has both Name and Code unmapped".

Although, manually the import action is running fine.

Need some help.



  • @wolframarnab Looks like the underlying Anaplan action for CloudWorks Process "21.1 Import .. " has lost its mapping. This can occur when the module line item it was originally mapped against has been deleted. You will need to remap the code or name for the list. You may even need to create a new line item for it to map to.

    Below are details to get to the underlying Anaplan action

    1. Select CloudWorks in top left menu. Then Click "Integrations & Processes". Then click on the Process "21.1 Import .. ". Then Click on "…" on the right most of the process. It should display options in yellow below.

    2. Click on "Edit". The "Edit - Process" dialog should display. Take note of the Model and Action (highlighted in yellow)

    3. Open the model in step 2. Then Go to the Actions tab to find the action specified in step 2. The click on Edit. You will probably find the Name and Code blank. You will need to remap that

  • My bad just noticed you mentioned that import action runs ok when run manually