Custom Color for Action Button on UX


It would be great to be able to apply a custom color to the process/action buttons that can be on a UX page. Similar to applying colors to titles, table shading, etc. If we are ensuring the user experience aligns with brand standards, etc, having the buttons also align to that color-formatting would be nice.

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  • Hi @adpinto , You may use other colors for buttons on UX by clicking the button in edit mode. You would see a color box in snapshot below, just click on it and you would be able to change the color of button.


  • Umang_Singhal - yes, there are 5 standard colors. The post and recommendation is to be able to customize the color and input a Hex# like one can do with text, shading, etc.

  • Also would be great if we could control the color of the text on the buttons

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