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Some of our end users are frequently asked to change their passwords. Is there a way to avoid that? Some of them say they are running out of password options :)

I also need clarification about this. This is my personal experience, and I could not find any supporting documentation but I believe this is how it works. If I leave Anaplan page open in my browser, next day it does not accept the password and asks me to reset it. To avoid that, I close the browser and reopen it, then the same saved user name and password or manually entered user information works. It has always been the case for me, so I assume it is how it works for security purpose.

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  • DakotaMurray

    Nevertheless, by closing and reopening the browser, you can effectively authenticate yourself using either the previously saved username and password or by manually inputting the required information. Although I lack access to detailed documentation regarding Anaplan's authentication process, it is plausible that this behavior is enforced for security reasons. Certain web applications implement session timeouts and other security measures to safeguard against unauthorized access in the event that a user's session remains active for an extended duration. By closing and reopening the browser geometry dash, a new session is typically started, which avoids any problems caused by the previous session's timeout.


  • @HarunT,

    Do you have SSO option in the Users tab or are you using the free workspace given by Anaplan as part of Talent Builder program?

  • HarunT
    edited November 2023

    @Dikshant It is a professional company workspace but we do not use SSO.

  • @HarunT

    I would suggest you reach out to Anaplan Support and ask for SSO option for your workspace. I think this is a configuration done for your workspace from anaplan end which is causing this issue to your end users. Let them review and suggest.

  • Frequent password changes are often enforced as a security measure to protect against unauthorized access. However, if your organization is experiencing issues with users running out of password options, you may want to consider adjusting your password policy to strike a balance between security and usability.

    As for your personal experience with Anaplan, it's possible that the system has a session timeout feature that automatically logs users out after a certain period of inactivity for security reasons. When you close and reopen your browser, it may trigger a new session, allowing you to log in again without being prompted to reset your password. This is a common security practice to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information in case a user leaves their computer unattended.