Is it easier to find a job after finishing model builder certificate ?


Hello Everyone

I have been searching for a job for quite some time, and I came across anaplan and started learning it. Since I am switching my career from accounting and trying to find a job in operations, project management etc, I feel Anaplan can help in find the job easily with this skill set.

I just wanted to ask this question to the Anaplan model builders etc. how do you feel the skill set is unique, and what is the job demand in the market for Anaplan user ? since I want to find a job with Anaplan model builder certificate, how hard it will be for me to land in a job ? should I learn some other skills?


  • Vamsi_Kaki
    edited November 2023

    Hello @Prithi ,

    It is glad to know that you want to work as Anaplan Model Builder. There is a demand for model builder in the market. I suggest you can find job vacancies and details through LinkedIn.

    Hope you find the right one. All the Best!!



  • @Prithi

    I would say it’s not that easy or tough to get a job in Anaplan domain. Keep trying and you’ll get it and we have group in LinkedIn also , there you can get some connections.
    All the best

    Shiva Honnalli

  • @Prithi,

    Learning Anaplan and obtaining the model builder certification can enhance your career prospects, especially in operations and project management. Anaplan's versatility and collaborative planning features are valued across industries. While demand is growing, consider complementing Anaplan skills with data analysis and project management tools. Gain practical experience, stay updated, and network through the Anaplan Community and LinkedIn for job opportunities.

  • @Prithi I am in a similar situation. It would be great to hear an update and if you've had luck on your search.