can an Administrator build a module to help ADD /CHANGE Users?


I have a need to capture a wider information set than included in Classic Anaplan.

Can I build a module that will add or change Users as well as capture the information we need?

Before I start spec'i g out what is needed I'd like to know if I can automate New Users and Adds Changes Deletes to existing Users.



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  • Dikshant
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    I found a bunch of links for the starter model, which will help you visualize the functionality.

    The UAM Starter Model has all the core functionality of User Access Management:
    The UAM Starter Planning Sample is the planning model that will be updated with the latest User access information and is also the source for the Selective Access list items that the UAM Starter model uses.

    UAM Part-1, UAM Part-2, UAM Part-3 - Read these 3 links to understand the architecture in depth.