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It would be fantastic if we could group countries and call them as territories . Most of the organizations don't work with countries for planning as in world map due to whatever business reasons and would like to group countries as one territory like Germany and Austria for Europe and while selecting that in map we have to assign one code to that which may be of Germany or Austria which is not looking good with map. So Request is to allow custom country grouping part of geo maps which will help users to select Germany and Austria as a country/territory and not a region. Customizable map would be an amazing feature if its possible .

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  • @Varghese.Mathew it is possible to group together countries to create custom territories using a hierarchy. See screen shot attached where I have created a DACH region by combining Germany, Switzerland and Austria. You can find out more on how to do this by looking at the short 30 min Geo-mapping training course -

  • First of all Thanks @sprender for responding to this and appreciate that .

    I think may be my question was not clear. What we want is to group Germany and Austria as a single market/territory and then group them under Dach region again so we need 3 level hierarchy. Currently it shows Germany and Austria as separate countries and I understand that part due to world geography. Again every organization runs their own ways of mapping countries for easy planning purpose. Thats why i wanted to know if this concept is possible in geo mapping.

    Territory 1 —> Germany & Austria —> Germany data + Austria Data Combined.

    Region 1 —> Dach —> Germany & Austria , Switzerland.

    Business need to click Germany and Austria as one group first then Dach as the parent to see both combined. Since world codes are separate for Germany and Austria - I am not sure if a custom territory or country coding is possible. Let me know if I make sense!.

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