conditional formatting add new rule option is not avaliable



Can i know why I cant able to apply conditional formatting? why there is no new rule icon available when i select conditional formatting icon ?

I have selected even a line item row or column and selected conditional formarting icon but still i there is no New rule option avaliable

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  • @Prithvi kaleeswaran,

    Click on any cell, and then click on conditional formatting. Then select the line item you want to format. Since you have selected everything in the column, it is not giving you the option to add CF rules.

  • EVen it is not working

  • Could be also worth to try clearing your cookies & cache.

  • Use Zoom -IN or Zoom-Out option in the browser, that will allow you to view these RULE buttons. I also encountered this situation all of sudden and was able to handle by using zoom-in / zoom-out.

    Note: Buttons like OK or CANCEL in Pop-up window may not appear sometimes for selection and this zoom-in / zoom-out option in the browser will help to view & select these buttons

  • MarinaMS

    Thank you hari.prasad! The buttons showed up after zooming out. Thank you so much. It was driving me crazy!