Beginning Inventory formula



I need some help in this formula

  • Beginning Inventory: This line item needs to display the value from the Beginning Inventory line item in DAT01 Beginning Inventory module for the first week of the year and the Ending Inventory from the previous week for all other weeks of the year.

i have just created these in my SYS01 time module

Is this is correct as per the stated requirements for system module ?


  • @Prithvi kaleeswaran As formula hint suggests, you should not use formula in "1st week of Timescale?" lineitem. You can select the first week manually.


  • umangsinghal
    edited December 2023

    Formula for Beginning Inventory: IF Not 1st week of Timescale? Then Previous(Ending Inventory) Else Dat01 Beginning Inventory.'Beginning Inventory'


  • My question is the formula for the SYS module for 1st week of the timescale is correct or not ?

    How can i select manually FY20 ? where ?

  • Formula is not required in 1st week of Timescale?. After removing the formula from this lineitem, checkboxes will be enabled to select. There you can click to check the checkbox under Week1 FY20.