Consistent Y-Axis Scales Across Multiple Charts

edited December 2023 in Modeling

Hi, Fellow Anaplanners,

Could anyone provide guidance on how to configure two distinct charts so that they share the same scale on their y-axes? This is necessary for ensuring a consistent and accurate comparison between the datasets represented in each chart. What are the steps or settings adjustments needed to achieve this uniform y-axis scale across both charts?


  • Goto chart configuration section of 1st chart. Select Chart> Axis > Scale = Fixed > Min = 0 and Max = 20000. This will reflect the Y-axis of 1st chart same as 2nd chart.


  • Snapshot for better understanding.


  • @umangsinghal , thanks for the response! I will test it out.

    One question: What is the system's response when a value exceeds the predefined maximum threshold of 20,000, or, the predefined minimum threshold of 0?

  • Chart will not show the bars beyond your fixed axis scale. Bars will go upto Min or Max values.


  • Thank you @umangsinghal. It appears the Waterfall chart type does not have the "series" option in the configuration. Thanks for your response.