Request for API Roadmap


Hi Team!

I know many of you use API frequently and sometimes there are tasks which cannot be solve with currently available endpoints. My team encountered many of them recently, I tried creating posts on Idea Exchange, but looks like they are ignored :)
To continue our work we have to create ad hocs.

May it be possible for Anaplan Team to release some kind of API Roadmap, so we can reprioritize and not create new topics with ideas (if they are being implemented already).

Thank you!

P.S. Devs, feel free to write your ideas for new features, it will be great to discuss



  • Sounds great, apis are missing some key endpoints that are a need to perform certain unecessary manual tasks when things get upscaled (like archiving models, users roles and accesses provisionning or lineage between models).

  • Hi @Nikolai Starostin and @david.savarin - Thanks for bringing this topic to the foreground. Could you share the links you have created on the Idea Exchange and/or summarize the requests on this thread? It would be great to get a sense of the use case and how it would benefit your day-to-day usage of Anaplan. Thanks in advance!

  • david.savarin
    edited December 2023

    Hi, where to begin ?

    I'll try to summarize the most needed updates on the APIs and will lookup later on the ideas i posted or saw that could address these

    • Metadata APIs :
      • Sorely missing is the endpoints around the actions :
        • target module
        • IDS reference (for file AND for modules / lists…)
        • applied mappings on imports (column ignored, which columns is mapped to which dim° ID…)
      • IDS :
        • Provide a Source Models endpoints : get for each source :
          • workspace / models from the IDS
          • Object Type (file, saved view…)
          • Source ID
    • Cloudworks :
      • I think this one is quite extensive. Anaplan did a great job with this one
    • ALM / Workspace Administration :
      • Endpoints to operate imports / copy / archive over workspaces ! Seriously who wants to spend time copy / archive models each time ?
      • Model delete Endpoints should be removed / deprecated (too dangerous from my POV)
    • USers / SCIM :
      • Endpoints to grant accesses to models / roles / Selective access rights
      • This is required to automate users provisioning with our users CIM Systems
    • Models actions :
      • Endpoints that allow to change Fiscal Year on deployed models (basically I cannot see the benefit of changing fiscal year programatically on non-prod° models ?)
      • Endpoints that allow to change the Current Period without WSA rights
      • Data / Read : Read Cell data directly by coordinates (same as write by coordinates, but just the read)
    • Transverse :
      • Increase APIs scale (too many requests is quite a frequent error)

  • Nikolai Starostin
    edited December 2023

    Hi @QuinE
    My goal is to audit and optimize existing Anaplan models. I want to get as much information as possible to do this. Model optimization results in improved performance, which can be beneficial to Anaplan too since fewer resources are used to run models.

    Mostly, my requests are about metadata for models, but there are some about accesses:

    • Retrieve available workspaces and models (not only from default tenant)
    • Change model state (standard, deployed, locked, archived)
    • Module Metadata and List Metadata - add "includeDetails" like for Line Items. For lists, you can get metadata for each one separately, but it takes a long time
    • Return Action names in Processes' logs (now IDs are returned, and I need to match them)
    • Display Action IDs in User Interface on Action tab
    • Retrieving and editing data from Users, Roles, Roles Modules, etc.- check and editcurrent accesses
    • Exporting history - find out which parts of model are not used regularly

    And ones which are important:

    • Retrieving Summary Metadata for a Line Item - currently you can only get summary for dimensions, but you cannot get Time summary and Ratio summary. I believe it can done in a similar fashion as Line Item format (separate "format" and "formatMetadata" keys in a response)
    • Retrieving line item subsets - they act as dimensions too

  • Would also be great to have endpoints for updating Cloudworks Integration flows schedules. Currently we have endpoint only for updating schedule of an integration.