Add API Endpoints for exporting History, Users and Roles from the model




There are many opportunities in Anaplan API, but still there are possibilities for development.

Me and my team think that it would be very convenient to be able to export model history, users page and roles page (accesses to modules, versions, actions, etc.).


I know that it is possible to create export actions with those pages, but when we are talking about a big number of models it would be much easier to use separate endpoints for these. 


It protects requests for errors (e.g. someone may occasionaly rename/delete export action) and provides an opportunity to gather data for accesses control.


I believe that it is possible to implement these features and I hope that it will be done sooner or later.

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  • It would be great to have the security information like model roles, users pages, etc available for access via API endpoints. Right now, we are only able to access user information via transactional /users api endpoint and the user workspace details via SCIM /user api endpoint. We are more interested on the security details from all the models as well, which we could access via a single api call as in the scim or transactional users api endpoints.


    Request you to please consider this as a priority and help get this feature added. 

  • Status changed to: In Review
  • This endpoint is all the more needed that

    • ALM currently doesnt show much detail when we modify roles rights to modules / actions and such
    • Below is for example the result of modifying a large list of access rights to a role and setting them to Write / Read.
    • This is quite structuring and can become a huge security issue if roles get write / read access rights unadvertantly that their role isnt supposed to grant them.
    • The ALM system in the matter, while great for a lot of other change tracking, is very quiet regarding access write / read changes on roles.

  • I would add that you should be able to pull Selective Access detail as well (i.e. Model Level access other than Full Access vs No Access, if available).

  • This is a huge need to make the model's event log easier and faster to query. Exporting history freezes our model for minutes at a time, I would be happy if stale logs (minutes stale) were available without impacting user experience when accessing. The format for the logs are a bit of a challenge to work with as well.

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