Line Item Subsets API Endpoint


Create an endpoint for retrieving list of Line Item Subsets in the model. Also, we need an endpoint to see which line items are included into the subset.

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  • Hi @Nikolai Starostin,

    I like the idea as I also needed it once, FYI as a workaround you can use:

    • Line items subset is similar to a list, and definitely is a dimension
    • All dimensions are accessible via endpoint "2/0/models/{modelID}/dimensions/{dimensionID}/items" - this allows you to list all items of such dimension
    • Line item subsets have IDs following the pattern "114000000000", "114000000001", "114000000002"…, but you need to keep in mind that removed ones will give you "404" code.

    So you can try to iterate over endpoints, and once you face i.e., 10 missing line item subsets (404 return), you can assume that you reached the end. The problem is, it doesn't allow you to determine which line item subset is which…

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