Cloudworks API: Change Schedule

I'm working on a script that would update integration schedule. In future my target is to have a script that would move all my integrations + integration flows +/- 1 hour on DST changes. For updating integration shedule I have sent PUT request to endpoint "<Integration_id>/schedule" with following JSON in the body:

"integrationId": "<Integration Id>",
"schedule": {
"name": "Daily",
"time": "03:00",
"type": "daily",
"timezone": "Europe/Paris",
"startDate": "2023-12-13"

And as response I get

"status": {
"code": 500,
"message": "Internal server error"
"path": "/2/0/integrations/<Integration ID>/schedule",
"timestamp": "2023-12-12T08:55:15.000Z"

Has anyone been succesful with updating existing schedule? Would you guys have any hints on how to tackle this problem?

Best Answer

  • Hi @pyrypeura,

    Yes, it worked for me in the past, and I checked now, and it still works as expected. Can you maybe share more details about headers, make sure that your schedule exists before updating it, or maybe trying to just DELETE it and then creating again using POST instead of PUT?