Create Product Supply Manager Role



can anyone help in saying the the logic how to apply these conditions ?

first create the roles and give the read write access to the modules ? create access control module for products and SKU and map their names to it ? how ?

im totally confused how to do the logic when to create access control module( DCA) and roles for end user


  • Hi @Prithi

    The solution which you are looking for is an Selective Access workaround. Here, Firstly you need to be able to create Role in users tab. Later, in Product Family list, you need to select 'Selective Access' Enabled for that list.
    Later, in the users tab, you need to give the level of Product Family which is there for that particular user. This method will solve the first requirement.
    Secondly, same selective access should be applied Regions level. By this, Regional Vice Presidents will only see the distribution centers which are below that given Regions access. Then for the DCA, you can create a module by user dimension & create a Read access driver line item which is boolean and make it 'TRUE'. Apply this line item in your module where you see capacity & Distribution center line items - blue print; add the Read access driver line item in the Read Access Drive column in blue print.
    For more details, you can visit these two links for Selective access & Dynamic Cell Access (DCA) respectively;



    Hope this helps!


    Puneeth HP

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