SOS : How i can manage permissions for my Dashboards


Hey I have a list of users with full access and I want to hide some reports from them . So i created a role named " permission role" so how i can hide some reports from them ?



  • Users with Full Access role can't be restricted in NUX


  • @Umang Singhal , thanks first of all for your time ! I didn't understand what do you mean , I want to hide some reports from some users with full acess so I created the role "permission role" . Can you guide me with the steps i must follow to do this ? Thanks.

  • Full Access role has ability to see any module, Lists data. So, you won't be able to hide anything from Full access role's user. If you want to achieve this, you can create an Admin role which will not have access to those pages of module you want to hide.


  • @imadlou,

    You created a role, let's say called Restricted Reports role. So you need to setup 2 things:

    1) User to role access.

    2) Page to role access.

  • Hello @imadlou , Please update users role from Full Access to "Permission Role" (created in you in your model). Now users with that role cannot access reports which you have hidden. Please make sure, That role can access Lists, Actions, Modules and other required data.

  • Hello @imadlou , please go through Contents to Hide Modules, Dashboards from Users. Since End Users would be Non-Workspace admin they can navigate only through Contents panel.