3.4.3 Activity: Create Country Summary Module


can anyone please help that formula for country made in is correct ?

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  • Prithi
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    what i did is correct and i have found the answer . thanks a lot


  • Country Made In should be Parent of Distribution Center.


  • but i dont have any distribution centre list ? its only a boolen . so i cannot add as a list ;

    can you tell me how to do this?

    Is there a difference between putting parent of the supply by ? does it make any difference with distribution list ?

    but i think so because my answer for flag count was wrong in the exam but my all formulas are correct , i was wondering where it went wrong and why it is showing different cities ;

    can you help me in giving the formula ?

  • @Umang Singhal can you help me with this as there is no Distribution centre list? so i cant write PARENT( distribution centre)

  • umangsinghal
    edited December 2023

    Can you paste snapshot of blueprint view of Sys06 module?