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Hi All,

I am working on one use case where need to calculated the value on the basis of previous list item. Module doesn't have a time dimension. But I've created mapping module to identify the previous item.

Please see below screenshot for your reference.

Final Value = Previous (final Value)* % increase.

Can you suggest any idea to do this?

Thanks in Advance

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  • andrewtye
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    Hi @Ashutosh

    What would probably do is create a time period and then map your list to that and can then use the previous function and then bring the values back again. Does require two look-ups but is nice and simple and avoids circular references from happening.

    I'm sure that there's a way to do it just on the list itself but is probably less clean than the above



  • Hi,

    If you map your list to time dimension in a way so Escalation 1 = Day 1, Escalation 2 = Day 2 and so on you can use lookup to get these to a module by time dimension and then use previous to get values. Then you can lookup values back to your original model.

  • @Ashutosh,

    If list has less list items like 10,20 and will not increase quite often then you can maintain this mapping manually and use LOOKUP function to get the final result.

    Which list are you talking about in this example - Escalation List or the one which says List 1 ?

  • @dikshant,

    The escalation list I am talking about.

  • @Ashutosh, If it's Escalation list and looks like it has only 10 items, then you can manually maintain it…