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Happy New Year to the Anaplan Community! We are thrilled to kickoff 2024 with a new Q&A Challenge, providing an opportunity to reflect on the previous year one more time. In the fall of 2023, we introduced our Community Q&A Challenge series centered around Anaplan-related questions, encouraging Community members to reflect and exchange their insights. We've truly enjoyed reading through Community members' responses, observing mutual learning, and the diverse viewpoints shared. 

Question for the January 2024 Q&A Challenge: What were your favorite Anaplan features released in 2023 and why? Please keep your responses focused on no more than three features.

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  • The challenge starts on January 4, and will conclude on January 15, 2024.
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    1. Drill to Transaction enhanced in modeling view. This was incredible as I stumbled on it today, it was so fast to show which transactions are feeding a summary view.

      2. The new formula bar has been enhanced to catch syntax errors BEFORE pressing submit.

  • Hello everyone,

    I would like to thank everyone who has worked to bring the new features to Live.

    Firstly, it is a summary method that mesmerizes me, having 'Summary' as 'none' is a very good option which almost can be used in many places.

    Secondly, introducing various features in MAP is very intriguing. We can assign the values based on territories with multiple colors and options is useful in many ways. Especially, re-allocating the territories is a game changer.

    Furthermore, Disabling the process through 'Driver line item', altering the positions of Page selectors, new templates for grid design, hierarchy filter, update in NUX Images, update in Anaplan Report sheet in NUX and so many reasons to be satisfied about the updates which we have got in Modeling and NUX designing.

    Puneeth HP

    Success is the Intersection of Dreams and Hardwork!

  • Happy 2024! I enjoyed the Community User Advancement program that rolled out in 2023 - it really allows me to focus in on what and how I want to learn and move forward with my Anaplan development.

  • I think 2023 was a year that had a little something for everyone!!!

    For the model builder experience, the formula indent + error checking enhancements were massive quality of life improvements! For Page Builders, image Assets make it exponentially easier to include graphics on your pages. For end users, quick click UX enhancements made it easy to make bulk updates to data (copy across/down), compress hierarchies in the page selector, and reset page views.

    Small wins can make huge impacts overtime - cannot wait to see the gains in 2024!

  • Happy new year everyone!

    My favorite Anaplan features released in 2023 are:

    1. The option to put context selectors on the top of the card
    2. Geo mapping
    3. Context selector reorder

  • Alessio_Pagliano
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    Happy new year everyone !

    Selecting only 3 new features is a challenge, which is great, as there were several new ones, particularly towards the 2nd half of the year.

    All in all I think 2023 demonstrated the Anaplan roadmap is progressing well (better than previous years) on several big streams.

    So, here is my top 3 :

    1. User uploaded images

    Improving the look and feel in this area was a big necessity. I think we were all working with unsuitable workarounds that were causing big headaches

    2. Workflow

    Another necessity for the planning world and huge topic that has been in the roadmap for years. The development and functionality that was eventually deployed represents a big milestone and is the result of a big investment.

    It's definitely an area that need and will continue to evolve but represents a big opportunity to replace manual solutions that are way too complex.

    I reserve the right to have mixed feelings re: the licencing decision of workflow

    3. Expand/collapse in page selectors

    This is a credit to a peace of functionality that be made available this quarter for data grids as well. Something users are very much used in Excel and that competitors handle pretty well already so I was very keen to see this first milestone reached and I'm very much looking forward to see it implemented into grids !

    Thanks !

  • Most things have already been covered, but the 3 things that have been the most useful to myself and my team this past year are:

    • Syntax checker in the formula editor: I can't count how much time this has saved us from accidentally triggering the blue "toaster" of death! The additional enhancements such as indenting have been great as well, but in terms of time savers, this has been an excellent and needed improvement.
    • Workflow: While we haven't yet implemented it, this has been on the wishlist for many of our end users for years now, and once we get this implemented we will be able to speed up so many tasks which are currently handled disparately through email and instant messaging! Hurray for clear audit trails!
    • Context selectors on top of cards: For so many of our NUX builds, this has made a clear quality-of-life improvement with very little time spent by our CoE. A great small enhancement that has been very helpful for us!

    Cheers to more great releases in 2024!

  • Hi all,

    It's hard to pick just 3, when there were so many cool features released last year. I think the importance matters depending on if someone is a builder, maintainer, end-user, and what they use Anaplan for, but these 3 are my favorite:

    1. Assets - store images directly in Anaplan:
      1. Ease of use: Until this feature, we had to decide where to store the images, then upload them, get a proper link, and only then we could use it. Now it's just upload in Anaplan and pick in the UX card.
      2. Quick migration: If there are models that already used some image storage, and had module with links, instead of changing it in UX image by image (which is a lot of manual work sometimes), we can copy the link of uploaded asset and just replace the old one.
      3. Security: Previously either images had to be publicly uploaded (making them accessible without any authorization, which could be potentially dangerous), or shared from some company cloud storage (which meant it wasn't easy to configure, then to protect from changing, or always accessible without logging to the other system separately, especially for external contractors). Now it's safe - the images are uploaded to Anaplan and can be displayed only by people that have access to the app.
    2. Updates to UX grid cards - for me it's one big feature of making them much, much better, like:
      1. Grid themes: Let's be honest, most of the cards in Anaplan are grids, so it's really important to be able to prettify them - to show which lines are summaries, which tables are more important and should catch the eye, or even to tie color to some dimension to help users understand the connections between tables.
      2. Freeze Panes: This is a long-waited features, that brings the functionality known from spreadsheets - thanks to it, we can display extra properties for dimensions on big tables, that are visible even if scrolling across the other dimension.
      3. Selectors at the top, better width settings for columns, and many more!
    3. Workflow:
      1. Really powerful feature: saves a lot of time, is reusable and built to support various scenarios (like groups and hierarchies, delegation, Anaplan processes, Time dimension with switchover etc.). It also helps that end-users get the automated and on-demand notifications. And obviously it works also in mobile app, which means some simple tasks can be done on smartphone!
      2. Easy to build and use: the interface is user-friendly, different options can be easily spotted, and using it feels as it should be - to the point, without unnecessary links, steps or switching.

  • kpasko

    A little bit late, but I will drop my 5 cents as well:

    1.Workflows: This solution covers the most frequently asked for features that orbit around Approval flow, Comments, Feedback on the process and the Process flow itself
    Really looking forward to introduce it to the users in the upcoming months.

    2.Error checking on formula: Seems small but it saves so much time - especially in huge models where you can lock out other developers for longer periods of time.

    3.Assets: Storing all your assets in one place which you can easily navigate? Sounds about right to me!

  • I guess,
    I'm late for the bage, but I wonder how nobody mentioned ability to work with pages in the model interface for admins 😅

    No more jumping between interfaces 👍️