Collapse / Expand Hierarchy Functionality in Modules and UX Grids


In current standard grid modules and UX Grids you can't Collapse & Expand hierarchies of Lists/Line Items/Sublist like you can do in Excel (see below). Considering that sometimes hierarchies can be huge or you want to Collapse one part but Expand another - it would be good to have such functionality



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  • Yes. When we have composite list and we are in the lowest hierarchy list it does get difficult to look at the data.

  • For finance users, this functionality is very critical. For financial reports, they have a lot of items (e.g., entities). It would be a very long grid to scroll. Grouping or expand/collapse would make their life way easier.

  • Hi Product Team, any update on this? This is a key requirement for Finance and is an expected functionality from customers coming from other cloud platforms.

  • Will Try to Rise this functinality UP


    Many requests comming from Customers to have this, especially in new UX

  • This would be great when dealing with modules with a lot of line items & in reporting for end users!

  • We also have many end users asking for this capability.  Given most of their other tools have this functionality, perception is that this is more of a missing feature / tool deficiency than an "enhancement".

  • Seems that this would be a great way to streamline summary-to-detail views in general.  e.g. see collapsed as default, with option to click to expand additional details.

  • Hi All,


    I will try to push this again!


    Just finished building another P&L Report in 3 grids instead of 1!


    we need big attention here to make it happen!

  • @Rebecca is this something to consider on the roadmap?

  • This is now on the roadmap for grids and lists in the UX. It may also be ported to the New Model Experience but this will require further investigation.

  • bhill5


  • Good 😀

  • Can I have an update on this request status?

  • Hi @huongnguyen - this is on the roadmap and is currently in active development.

  • soooo looking forward to this development ! 

  • Yes, this is critical to improve the functionality of the dashboards for users

  • Are there any updates/tentative date

  • Hi @Alessio_Pagliano - It's being worked on at the moment and we have tentative goals of providing supportin list pickers and context selectors in late 2023, with grid row support in the first half of 2024.

  • Hi @davewaller - thanks a lot for the prompt reply. Looking forward to see it. Feel free to loop me in whenever there is something I could look at or play with. Cheers

  • Are there any updates/tentative date?

  • jditty

    Are the updates being worked on specific to a grid or will they also default for the context selectors? Teams want the default to be closed to the highest level of the hierarchy with the option to expand/collapse in their selectors.

  • Hi all.

    Thank you for your patience on this one while we continue to work on it. We're currently working with engineering to attach timelines to things so should have an update on dates shortly.

    @jditty our plan is to get things implemented for all list pickers (context selectors, grid cell editors, field cards, etc) before moving on to grid rows. Throughout all of this we're gathering feedback on what else might need to be done, including builder control of default states for lists and pickers. These incremental UX enhancements will be planned in around the major milestones, where they can be accommodated.

    I hope this helps for the time being.

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