check your work numbers are out (most likely Dem03)


Hi team,

Working through the level 2 model builder course and have hit a snag.

My Dat03 Historic values is populated and working as intended with the forecast year pulling the value from the previous year

I believe my demand forecast is also working as intended with FY21 pulling from FY20

My issue is my final forecast is slightly off when comparing the inventory module versus the check your answer. my forecast demand is down being only 2024 instead of 2048

Any help would be appreciated.


Best Answer

  • VanshikaSingh

    @MatthewWilcox ,
    I think you need to round of your Initial Demand forecast in DEM 03 module like : ROUND(Default Forecast, 0, UP), then final forecast become 60 and then Forecast demand in INV01 will become 2048.

    Hope this finds you well!


  • Thanks Vanshika,

    I had my rounding at 2 instead of 0 and no up condition. numbers now match!