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Current we can mention comment at a card level or at a cell level, This becomes slightly tedious for a the reviewer. If we can input a comment a cell level then this will enable the reviewer or action performer to review a specific cell , just to state as a example. as A Brand Development manager i might have many Key account managers reporting into me working with different Supplier if they want me to review a demand plan for a Particular SKU fora particular month they can mention comment in that month and i will be redirected to that cell rather than a table where i have to search for a comment

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  • @build now gg Some spreadsheet software like Excel already offers cell-level comments as an additional option alongside sheet-level comments. You can explore enabling this feature within your current software.

  • Actually, whatever choice is suitable will be applied. Each type of card has its own application and is suitable for certain situations. You can review and choose geometry dash lite

  • You can add comments at the cell level in Anaplan. Users have the option to pick a particular cell and immediately add comments to it. This enables geometry dash lite reviewers or those carrying out the action to offer detailed comments or annotations pertaining to certain cells within the line item.

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