Is there any way out restore the history of QA model without breaking ALM?


Hi All,

We have one case , where we need to restore the build & Data pushed in QA & Dev Model. Thinking of following Approach . Please advise if there is any gap or other way out :

  1. QA to be change the Deploy to Standard mode
  2. Restore the QA model from required History ID
  3. Post the successful of restore the QA will be get sync with Prod.

If we wish to do above steps in copy model, but copy model will not have the history id to revert back the changes.

Just one quick question : By using above approach will break ALM?




  • @Ashutosh : the short answer is yes: it will break the ALM.

    Once a model is changed from Deployed to Standard mode on PROD model, it will loose
    sync with DEV model.

    Until recently, in a Deployed model you could not restore a history ID that was before the latest revision tag.

    However, there is a new option: "Unlink revisions created after this restore point" which seems answer to your need. I have never personally used it, but it is worth trying. :)

    Another way is to put the PROD in Standard mode, restore history id and do your modifications in PROD model, put back in Deployed mode and re-create the DEV model from revision tag or make direct copy of the PROD to become the new DEV model.

    The old DEV model will be lost with the sync, but from that moment forward you can use the new DEV model created from the PROD model.

    Hope it helps,