An action only works for workspace administrators but not 'full access' end users.


Hi there, I have an action set up that updates a saved view. The action can be run by the end user but the numbers don't actually populate. No errors are shown for them.

When I run the action in the model, it runs and updates the figures as expected.

The user has full access to everything, the only difference being I am a Workspace Administrator and they are not.

I didn't think this would make a difference, but does anyone know how to get around this and if there is somewhere to allow the end user to update the information?

Thanks in advance


  • @NeelamKrishan : when this issue appears, usually it's an issue that the "normal" users have access as "read-only" and not "write" for the cells that need to be populated.

    in order to verify this, you need to unflag in NUX page that the action is not "run automatically" and verify in details section after the action is launched the updated and ignored cells. For the "normal users" the cells will appear as "ignored cells".

    Hope it helps


  • Dikshant
    edited January 11


    This is the scenario where the line items you are importing have DCA applied. And users do not have editable access to those line items. When they load the data via import actions, those cells got ignored but user got a success message on UI. As Alex mentioned, you can disable the option "run automatically" and it will start showing the details of how many cells got ignored.

    But on the functionality part, when the end user (with non-WSA access) imports data via the import action on read-only cells, - action ignores those cells. But as an WSA, you have extra privileges, and you can successfully import on those cells.

    Hope this helps!