Level 2 Sprint 3 - 3.4.4 Stock Exceptions UX



I am struggling to complete the 3rd grid for the stock exceptions review UX. It is not syncing with the Region context selector. Grid 1 and 2 seem to be working correctly.

  • Grid 1 and 2 pull from INV02 Country Summary
  • Grid 3 pulls from INV01 Inventory Ordering

INV01 doesn't have a geographical dimensions, I'm not sure if that is the issue? The Anaplan activity/course doesn't state having to create a new module for this grid so I don't think that is what's required. I'm not sure where to go from here. Photos enclosed.

Thank you

@JaredDolich @Misbah @einas.ibrahim


  • @tatianap19 - you may want to reflect on some of the functions you have learned in the course thus far. A SUM function will allow you to aggregate data where the dimensions differ between target an source.

    How might you translate the lower level inventory ordering by SKU to totals value for a country? Hint: system modules will typically house the attributes that can be used in the aggregation functions.